Tamarack Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs
Lacombe, Alberta, Canada

About Us

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Alberta Canada

At Tamarack Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs we take great pride in producing healthy GSMD's as well as breeding to preserve the Breed Standard. 
We spend many weekends during the year traveling to Conformation Shows.

Our dogs are members of our family and spend every day interacting with us. Overall we want to create healthy balanced puppies without jeopardizing the health of our dogs.
We have spent a lot of time acquiring knowledge about the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog breed.
Breeding is not something you jump into there are considerable cost to the breeder, we have had heart break of bring GSMD's into our home only to find out they did not pass their health screening. Not every dog should be bred, and by screening I hope to do my part in preserving this beautiful breed, while having minimum health issues.  
To help insure we pass on the best quality of GSMD’s our dogs have been health screened for the P2Y12 bleeding mutation, Hips PennHip certified, shoulders, elbows & eyes OFA certified.  

Our story

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Kid
My husband and I both grew up on farms in central Alberta, Canada and both share a passion
for animals. 
As a young couple we acquired our first puppy Chase a mix breed.  
At the time we were living in town & had full time jobs, she was the perfect addition to our family.   
A few years later I became interested in Dog Agility so Chase and I attended an obedience class and
several agility classes, she was at the stage to start competing when I became pregnant with our first
son so I never did compete with her.  
With a baby on the way and in the phase of relocating to the country I knew I wanted a large dog. 
By chance I saw my first Greater Swiss Mountain Dog on TV. I was amazed by their beauty, strength and ability to pull.
I began researching the Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs the more I learned the more I knew they were the dog for us. 
I wanted a guard dog large enough to be intimating to strangers and large enough to protect us from wild life if needed. A dog great with children who would be a good family companion enjoying activities such as pulling the kids in a wagon.  
So the search began, I soon realized the GSMD are rare breed. I search for almost a year before finding the breeder right for us, this is when I first thought of becoming a breeder myself.  

A lot has changed since I brought my first GSMD home, I absolutely love this breed and will always do my best to produce the best of the breed while being there for all my puppies and their owners.