Tamarack Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs
Lacombe, Alberta, Canada


At Tamarack Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs we do our best to screen for health issues. Our Dogs Hips are (certified by Penn-Hip), Elbows, Shoulders and Eyes (OFA).
The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is considered to be a healthy breed, but it is important to note that all pure breeds & mixed breeds can develop health concerns.
This is a list of the health issues that have been found in the GSMD breed. Please research and understand them all. 

Health Problems of the Greater Swiss Mountian Dog can include:
Hip Dysplasia
Elbow Dysplasia
Distichiasis and Entropion
Gastric Dilatation Volvoulus (GDV)-Bloat 
Licking Fits
Osteochondrosis Dissecans
Splenic Torsion
Urinary Incontinence