Tamarack Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs
Lacombe, Alberta, Canada

Swissy's Playing 
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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (GSMD) or Swissy’s originates from the Swiss Alps, it is the oldest and largest among the four Sennenhund, or Swiss mountain dogs. The other three breeds of Sennenund dogs are the Bernese Mountain Dog, Appenzeller and the Entlebucher Mountain Dog. 

The GSMD were bred for their skills as a guard dog, herding livestock and one of their best skills drafting. Which developed them the nickname “the poor man’s horse”.
Swissy's are a large and heavy-boned working breed with great physical strength which is still agile enough to perform the all-purpose farm duties it was originally used for.
The Swissy Male weights range from 110-140 lb (50-64 kg) and heights 25.5-28.5 in (65-72 cm).  Female weights range from 105-120 lb (48-54 kg) and heights 23.5-27in (60-69cm).
GSMDs have a beautiful black, white, and rust tricolor short coat.  They are a shedding breed and should be brushed regularly.  GSMDs are a dry mouth breed so they don’t drool, as a large breed they have a nice life span of 8 to 11 years. 

Swissy’s are a very social breed that needs to be with people.  If you work a full time job and expect to leave your dog home alone all day, the GSMD is not for you.  They are great with children but as a large breed you must establish pack leadership with all humans so they don’t hurt your children.  Dogs are not humans therefore their needs have to be met as so. Dogs need exercise, discipline and then affection in that order to maintain balance.  GSMD’s are a working breed meaning they need a job,  teaching your Swissy to carry a back pack on your walks, pulling a cart or herding are all great jobs.

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